True Love Rumi

True Love Rumi Is a selection of poems by the thirteenth century Persian mystic poet Jelaludin Rumi, translated from the original Persian by Nader Khalili and recited by Sina yasavolian.

True Love Rumi is a wonderful introduction to the mystic poet, Rumi ,whose deeply sensitive and spiritual poetry will awaken your spirit and refresh your senses, Sina's pure voice both beautiful and inspiring,takes your soul on an uplifting spiritual journey as it explores the true meaning of love expressed within the confines of words and music.

The talented young musician Hamoon Tehrani created the moving background music to True Love Rumi.

His tender interprations enhance understanding of the poetry and provides a prefect cadence for the readings. as we listen to these reading, presented in Sina's Lyrical voice and embellished by the music,many facets of the lyrics begin to emerge.

Become inspired to enrich your personal life as you expolre this CD.

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Rumi's Love

o all of you that feel the call to explore the endless potential of love, journey now with love’s greatest student – and master – the 13th century mystic poet of Persia : Jelaluddin Rumi. Rumi’s incredible, profound verses invite us to experience a love beyond our senses, beyond time, beyond language: a love that removes all boundaries and answers all desire.

Sina Yasavolian recites selections of Nader Khalili’s translations in a graceful, lyrical dance to an original musical score by Hamoon Tehrani . His music awakens our hearts as Sina’s soothing voice and Rumi’s sensitive words transport our spirits to a place of union with the infinite divine presence. In her readings, Sina exhibits a deep respect and understanding of Rumi’s writing, which she generously shares with us. Do more than listen to this poetry and music; let it color your soul. You can buy and download these music, directly from this site. hope you enjoy it.

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Be Name Eshgh

What transcends time and pain? Two powerful forces: LOVE and TRUTH. No one has explored these subjects more beautifully and more honestly than Persia\'s 13th century sage poet: Jalaluddin Rumi. His eloquent words on Love and its place in our lives are as True today as they were seven centuries ago.

Sina narrates these select poems of Love with a reverence and understanding that shines in her soothing, rhythmic voice. Each poem is accompanied by an original score created in Iran by the talented musician and composer, Hamoon Tehrani.

Listen to the timeless Truth and beauty of Rumi\'s poems. You will feel the presence of Love in Rumi\'s words, in Sina\'s voice, in Hamoon\'s music. And you will feel the presence of Love in your own life in a vibrant, new way. Journey into Love and Truth and escape all limitations. You need not go alone; hold the wise, loving hand of Rumi...and fly!

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Lesten to The Heartbeat

Rumi’s Heart of Joy

What moves our hearts to beat the rhythms of love and joy? Where does the search for truth, hope and divine wisdom lead us? From ancient Persia, the courageous mystic poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, beckons us to journey through these questions together. Set to beautiful, original music and narrated in the soothing, sultry voice of Sina, Rumi’s profound verses explores the nature of life, truth, joy and divine love.

This recording of the powerful words of Rumi is unlike any made before. It captures the beauty of our own longing to experience the infinite self, and the magic of our own heartbeat. Listen to the sounds of an eternal love that reaches out through time and space to embrace us in joy and peace. Journey here with Rumi…you may arrive at that place where the questions and the answers are One.

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