Sina was destined to share the Truths of Sufi poetry and the works of its greatest master, Rumi. She grew up in Hamden, a small city of Iran that was the birth and death place of another famous Sufi poet, Baba Taher. When she was eighteen, she met a Sufi master and began studying Sufism and the works of Rumi. The master shared spiritual insights with her, pointed her in a new direction, and changed Sina’s life.

In her late 20’s, Sina moved to the United States but still kept contact with the Sufi master through letters. They wrote to each other for years until he passed away and began his new journey. Though he is now physically absent from the world, his guidance and wisdom remains with Sina as continual inspiration.

Sina records the amazing verses of Rumi with the intention of illuminating the world’s darkest spaces, comforting all hearts filled with longing, and inspiring this generation to seek truth, meaning and beauty in and beyond this mortal existence. Rumi’s wisdom is timeless and boundless, like God’s love. Sina recently began putting together a CD recording of Sufi poems that include the works of Rumi, Hafiz, Attar, and Khayam so she can continue to share the beauty of Sufism with others.